Close More Sales, Faster

Discover your most serious buyers, so you can spend your time closing more deals.

Verified is the first buyer verification platform for real estate transactions. Our platform confirms your buyer’s credentials, quickly, and all in one place – meaning you’ll never “sell a home twice” again.

Verified by Ownly is the faster, easier way to verify your home buyers.

Say goodbye to fall-through deals and weeks-long verification processes. We’ve automated buyer verification processes, helping you instantly understand your buyer’s purchasing power.

Verified is a secure, user-friendly platform that allows you and your buyers to:

Turning them into highly-verified buyers, ready to close.

Connect with your most serious buyers and save $1000s per deal

The current home buyer verification process is long and tedious and involves countless meetings, phone calls and paperwork. Verified eliminates this friction by handling all of this in one place. It gives buyers the confidence to move forward and gives you the confidence of a deal that’s more likely to close, the first time.

How it Works

Let your clients get Verified

Verified is designed and built with privacy and security in mind.

The Verified by Ownly Difference

A Verified Lead is so much more than an opt-in. A buyer with a verified status is ready-to-buy – meaning deals rarely fall through and the sales cycle is significantly shortened.

KYC/Identity Verification

Real time KYC / ID verification of a government certified ID.

Credit + Income Verification

Your buyers’ credit score and income is confirmed, providing financial certainty to both you, and your buyers.

Financing / Mortgage Pre-Approval

No more lost deals due to lack of financing. Verified allows your buyers to obtain mortgage pre-approval before exploring your homes.

Current Home Valuation

Verified Leads can get an understanding of what their current home is worth through our integration with HonestDoor.

Start selling to the right people, right now.

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