Ownly Unveiled Part II

Empowering Teams to Close More Sales 24/7

Hosted By: Erin Maltman - Customer Success Lead

Our Speakers

Nicole Ziemann

Managing Director, Sales & Marketing Calbridge Homes

Nicole Ziemann has over ten years of experience in real estate management and sales leadership, contributing significantly to operational excellence and revenue growth. As the Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at Calbridge Homes since October 2022, she leads sales operations and marketing efforts, promoting innovation and excellence.

Jason Hardy
Co-Founder & CEO Ownly

Jason Hardy is co-founder and CEO of Ownly. Jason has built his reputation as a thought-leader in real estate and a driver of innovative marketing and sales initiatives. An influential industry leader, he is also a business school instructor and sought-after speaker. Jason is the executive director of the Real Estate Development Institute (REDI), chairman of real estate marketing agency Chatterson, sits on the Management Advisory Council for the Haskayne School of Business and is an advisory board member and committee chair for the Westman Centre for Real Estate Studies.

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