Unlocking a New Way to Nurture Home Sales

Empower sales teams to close more sales, faster.

Focus 360 and Ownly have come together to bring the most advanced online sales technologies to single-family and multi-family home builders. Allow your customer’s the ability to shop, reserve or place a deposit on a home 24/7.

We combined Focus 360’s high-quality, photo-realistic, virtual assets and sales kiosks with Ownly’s buyer verification, reservation and online deposit tools to deliver an unparalleled selling experience.

ReserveNow + Verified: The ultimate sales enablement tool

Willing, ready and able to buy.

Transform “we need to think about it” shoppers into committed buyers, faster with Ownly’s ReserveNow + Verified technology. Sitting on stale lead lists? Light a fire with prospective purchasers by sending them a link to reserve and place a deposit on their favourite model from the comfort of their couch.

Unlocking the journey home

The future of new home sales tools has arrived

Encourage browsers to buy with more steps online

Integrated and interactive site maps take browsing to reserving with the push of a button. Buyers can select a homesite and floorpan through state-of-the-art visualization assets to reserve and place a deposit on that home instantly.

Enrich lead scoring processes

Verified integrates with your CRM so you can incorporate data like verified status, buying power, income, or buyer location into your existing lead scoring algorithms.

Get contracts moving faster

Process homebuyer deposits instantly and securely online. Buyers can commit without multiple trips to the bank and your office or presentation centre.

Keep valuable inventory from being held up

Buyers don’t really know what they can afford without going through pre-approval, which takes days or weeks and lots of paperwork. With Ownly, they know right away so you can accurately predict sales commitments.

How the new path to purchase works online

Personalized verification links can be shared and embedded into emails, online listings, or model home pages to promote the “Get Verified” process, even before the reservation button is activated by a buyer!

Demystify the steps to purchase by opening up more of the processes for your buyers on their own time.

On site and online, our software integration will help you engage customers, attract better leads, and make sales.

Empower your sales team to deliver the type of buying experience that today’s sophisticated shopper expects. Focus 360’s nextTM brings together high quality renderings, custom design options, interactive floor plans, lot fit, and virtual tours in a user-friendly interface. Display real time, accurate inventory in your sales office and on your website automatically, and track buyer preferences to adjust design and pricing.

Ownly Verified + Focus 360’s interactive “Reserve Now” abilities empower buyers

Do more with less hassle while rising to the demands of today’s home seekers! Let’s discuss how our tools integrate for your company’s benefit


For over 30 years Focus 360 has delivered thousands of distinctive and influential marketing technology applications to satisfied builders, developers, and architects across the globe. The company combines innovative customer experiences with architectural CAD elements to offer and develop unique selling platforms, high-quality renderings, animations, and virtual model home tours to deliver the industry’s best marketing assets. The company’s founder, Steve Ormonde is revered as an industry expert and delivered not only the first virtual model tour experience but continues to be a leader that sets the pace for innovative technology across our industries served worldwide.


The homebuying process is full of uncertainty, unnecessary delays, and constant paperwork for buyers, sellers, and agents. Homebuyers moved online long ago, and they expect efficiency and immediacy. Instead, they experience days and weeks of paperwork just to get started. Ownly aims to remove the doubt by bringing more steps in the home buying process online. Real estate teams meet buyer expectations and know how to build the trusted relationships that end in sales.

Ready to make your builder virtual?

Let’s discuss your budget, timing, and objectives to build out the best virtual experience for your brand. We have a ton of custom or off the shelf options ready to explore with you.

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