Ownly Predictability

Ownly streamlines home sales, allowing builders to quickly convert leads into verified reservations with transparency, while eliminating paperwork and buyer verification delays.

The path to faster, more predictable sales

How it works

Ownly Benefits & Features

Prioritize buyers who are most likely to commit

When thousands of leads come in for a project, it’s hard to know who to follow up with first. Buyers who have gone through the Verified process have shown that they’re serious, plus you know their buying power.

Enrich lead scoring processes

Verified integrates with your CRM so you can incorporate data like verified status, buying power, income, or buyer location into your existing lead scoring algorithms.

Get deals done faster

Process homebuyer deposits instantly and securely online. Buyers can commit without multiple trips to the bank and your office or presentation center.

Keep valuable inventory from being held up

Buyers don’t really know what they can afford without going through pre-approval, which takes days or weeks and lots of paperwork. With Ownly, they know right away so you can accurately predict sales commitments.

Give buyers a better experience

When buyers aren’t ready to commit at the first meeting, send personalized links that provide everything they need to make a decision and place a deposit. Close the deal as soon as they make a decision.

Drive better decisions across the project lifecycle

Measure pipeline quality early, before buyers go through pre-approval or secure a loan. Inform pricing strategies with insights from prospective buyers that add depth to your data on past transactions.

What home builders say

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