Ownly Certainty

Give your buyers a simple, secure way to confirm their credentials and buying power in minutes — so you sell with confidence.

The faster way to know your buyers

We’ve automated buyer verification processes so that you don’t spend days or weeks waiting on pre-approvals. Our platform provides valuable insights about your buyers in minutes.
Ownly Verified is a secure, user-friendly platform that allows you, your buyers, and their co-buyers to:
Transforming shoppers into confident buyers who are ready to close.

How it works

Ownly Benefits & Features

Build trusted relationships from the start

Get through identity verification in minutes, so you know who your buyers and co-buyers are. Because Verified is branded for your team, it becomes a seamless part of your sales process.

Make an instant connection with your buyers

Verified lets your team give potential clients immediate value — in the form of their buying power — without asking them to do a lot of work or submit to a hard credit check.

Get a shopping budget in minutes

Your clients see buying power and monthly affordability based on facts, not less reliable user inputs. Verified delivers more insight than a mortgage calculator without the time and hassle of a pre-approval.

Turn online leads into sales faster

43% of homebuyers start their home search online. Focus lead follow-up on the most committed, qualified buyers and know which properties are the right ones to show them. Integrate buyers’ Verified status into lead scoring.

Let buyers control their data

Your clients and their co-buyers choose who to share their information with: your real estate team, their mortgage broker, their lawyer, or whoever else is part of the homebuying process. Access to financial data is for one-time use only.

Manage a predictable sales pipeline

Verified integrates into your existing CRM to provide richer insights for measuring pipeline quality. Verified has an open API that can bring data into virtually any existing system — this means no new data silos!

Gain unique buyer insights

Information on prospective buyers adds depth to your lead scoring and qualification processes.

The Ownly Verified difference

Verified is much more than a mortgage calculator, but it doesn’t require any of the paperwork of a pre-approval. And it’s fully integrated into your franchise and team’s brand experience.

KYC/Identity Verification

Verified uses a secure process to confirm your buyers’ identity.

Income Verification

Your buyers’ income and liabilities are utilized to calculate buying power.

Current Home Valuation

Buyers get an understanding of what their current home is worth.

Financing / Mortgage Pre-Approval

Buyers can quickly connect to your preferred lending partners.

Privacy and security front and center

Your buyers are in control of their data. Buyers must consent to share their information.
Never shared with third parties
We don’t sell or rent personal information to any other companies.
One-time use only
Consumers give one-time access to their financial institution. Once completed, we cannot access the account again.

We employ strong authentication, full encryption, daily automated and manual security testing, and external audits.

Stop guessing. Start knowing.

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